Making your Company ISO 45001 certified

Making your Company ISO 45001 certified

If you run an organization or are in a managerial position in one, you might know what an Occupational Health and safety management system is. It is a course of action taken to reduce the risk of illness, injury, and fatal accidents for the workforce in your organization. There are standards set to ensure the safety of the workers.

The latest development is the new International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 45001. According to International Labour Organisation, around 2.3 million people die due to work-related deaths and accidents. It is high time we put a system to prevent such deaths in the future. Making theĀ iso 45001 transition for your company is not that difficult. Attain this by taking simple measures regularly for the safety of your workers.

Steps to Transition to ISO 45001

It is not a procedure-based but a process-based standardization that believes in the dynamic nature of rules. Therefore, this is not going to be a one-time event.

  • The first step is to get the nod from the top management.
  • Make the concerned parties, like your equipment suppliers, clients, and workers, talk about the present scenario. Address the problems, find solutions for all the participants, and create a system.
  • Invest in standardized safety materials for workers exposed to toxic chemicals and metals in manufacturing units, like welding gear and PPE suits.
  • Have a system to detect and trigger in case of gas leaks or a break out of a fire.
  • One unique point about this system is its consideration of the mental health of the workers as well. So, Regulate working hours and workload. Ensure speedy redressals for the complaints raised.


The ultimate aim is to eliminate work-related hazards and make the working environment healthy and safe for a worker both physically and mentally. Make the ISO 45001 transition for your company and be responsible.